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Merkabah - Latest news

March 6, 2020New live date announced - See you at the show!

March 6 / Le D'Auteuil / Québec

April 1, 2015First music video!

Hello everybody! We are extremely proud to present you our very first music video. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank those who gave their hearts and souls to help us making it happen: Martin Huot (K-u3.0 Productions), Ulric Low (Productions 1080), Fred Marois, Mathieu Fiset, Vicky Poulin, Nicolas Bilodeau, and Raynald Brochu. Enjoy!

February 26, 2014Merkabah Ink Deal With Maple Metal Records

MERKABAH have inked a worldwide deal with Maple Metal Records to release their third album ‘Ubiquity’. Their new album has been released in North America on March 17th 2014, and worldwide on April 4th, 2014.
Our new single “Red Letter Days” off ‘Ubiquity’ can be listened to.

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Merkabah - videos

merkabah album ubiquity
Red Letter Days videoclip
teaser merkabah live
40 seconds teaser
merkabah live medley
Medley - Merkabah live

Merkabah - albums

Ubiquity  '14

Merkabah Ubiquity album

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Merkabah music
  1. 01. Mythomania
  2. 02. Divine Sparks
  3. 03. Red Letter Days
  4. 04. Circles of Despair
  5. 05. Brothers from the Seed of Cain
  6. 06. Deadly Prophets of the Printed Page
  7. 07. Agartha
  8. 08. Ubiquity

The Realm of All Secrets  '07

Merkabah The Realm of All Secrets album

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Merkabah music
  1. 01. At the Threshold
  2. 02. Prisoner of Fantasy
  3. 03. Life As We See it
  4. 04. The Price to Pay
  5. 05. The Spectre
  6. 06. A Play With Masked Shapes
  7. 07. Kingdom of a Million Stars
  8. 08. Monte Cristo (Overture)
  9. 09. Monte Cristo
  10. 10. Dahaka (Guardian of the Timeline)
  11. 11. Queen of Tears
  12. 12. Force Éternelle
  13. 13. Demon Hunt

Shadows Never Forget  '05

Merkabah Shadows Never Forget album

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Merkabah music
  1. 01. The Messenger
  2. 02. A Shadow in the Darkness
  3. 03. Insurrection
  4. 04. A Question of Honor
  5. 05. The Rising of the Fall
  6. 06. The Mourning After
  7. 07. Along the Lonely Road

Merkabah - Biography

Merkabah band biography

Merkabah is a heavy rock band that also encompasses symphonic and progressive rock music elements. The band was founded in the Beauce region (Quebec) in 2002.

In 2014, the five-piece outfit has released its third album, which is entitled Ubiquity: an epic journey through the most fantastic worlds filled with intense emotions and rich sound textures.

In 2009, the band was awarded the Champlain prize for Best Heavy Metal album for its second LP, which is called The Realm of All Secrets (2007). Over the last years, the band has also played with several international acts such as Lacuna Coil, Hammerfall, and Gamma Ray. Merkabah allso took part in the 2008 edition of the Woodstock en Beauce festival.

Today, the band consists of Jacinthe Poulin (vocals), François Vachon (guitars), Raynald Brochu (guitars), Louis Doyon (bass), and Nicolas Bilodeau (drums and percussions), and is built around three core values, namely musical integrity, identity and authenticity.


Merkabah metal melodic progressive band